At Team Iowa we offer a variety of opportunities for people to come into our clinic and be a part of what we do. Below is some additional information on these positions.

If you are at all interested in getting involved observing at our clinic, please send an email to our office at

Various Roles at Team Iowa

Shadowing: Shadowing allows individuals to come in and spend a couple hours with our staff. This is great for people who are trying to figure out if they are interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy and who want to learn more about how our clinic runs. During their time in the clinic, our shadows follow our tech team, getting to meet our team, observe our clinicians, and see some of the day to day activities our team does around the clinic.

Volunteers: Volunteering at Team Iowa is a non-paid position that allows individuals to come in on a weekly basis to our clinic and observe (minimum of one 3 hour shift a week) . This position is great for people who have previously shadowed at our clinic, are interested in learning more about careers in physical therapy, and are wanting some more experience in an outpatient clinic. During their shifts, volunteers are trained by our team in a variety of tasks around the clinic, including cleaning, greeting patients, and assisting clinicians.

Physical Therapy Techs: The tech position at our clinic is a paid position. This position is for individuals who have shadowed and volunteered at Team Iowa. Techs are usually identified by staff, having gone above and beyond as volunteers. This position is great for students who are pursuing a career in the physical therapy field. Techs are incharge of completing all tasks learned as a volunteer as well as several additional tasks to help the staff and clinic. They are involved with putting together digital exercise programs to send home with patients, pulling patient information and notes as requested by clinicians, helping to close the clinic at the end of the work day, and learning different exercises and cues from the clinicians.

PT Tech Testimonials

At Team Iowa, I have had many opportunities to learn about injuries, rehabilitation, and patient communication. When Paolo introduced me to a new patient, I was eager to help him on the road to recovery. What I didn’t realize, is how much of an impact that this patient would end up having on me. When I would go through stretches with him, we would talk about anything that came up– from famous shipwrecks and old movies to the pain he had from his injury. He told me that when he felt he had taken 2 steps forward, something would happen and set him 1 step back. He was real with me, and this was my first patient experience where I felt like I could do something to help. He mentioned time and time again how positive the atmosphere was at Team Iowa and showed appreciation to everyone who helped him with his recovery. I am so grateful to have met him, and this volunteer experience is one I will remember and take with me.

Beth G

When I began to volunteer at Team Iowa, it was only my second shadowing experience with Physical Therapy. Throughout my first shadow, I immediately felt so welcome and could see how dedicated the staff was to their patients and promoting learning for students. Team Iowa had a huge impact on my choice to pursue physical therapy.

Alli D

As someone with very little physical therapy experience prior to volunteering at Team Iowa PT, the atmosphere at Team Iowa provided me with a great opportunity to experience a multitude of outpatient experiences. All members of the Team Iowa community encouraged student learning and experience and helped me to solidify my decision to pursue physical therapy!

Tara K

"Joe Nelson is hands down the most caring, supportive, knowledgeable physical therapist. He pushed me, encouraged me, and was a welcome light in my day."



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